Patient Participation Group

Quote / Testimonial:

A Patient Participation Group was set up in January 2012. A wide range of issues affecting general practice nationally and locally are discussed. Members of the Group regularly produce updates for local parish magazines, advise the practice on new services etc. and help to produce the annual survey.
The aims of the Patient Participation Group are to:
provide a patient and carer perspective to the practice
provide a forum to discuss issues relevant to the practice
to enable patients to influence local health care services
to support practice initiatives
to liaise with Herefordshire & Worchester Integrated Care Board ( ICB) and Herefordshire Healthwatch when appropriate
Our Objectives Are:
To act as a channel of communication from the practice to its patients, carers and wider population, and vice versa.
To involve patients, carers and members of the public in the review, development and planning of services
To identify services and issues on which the practice should consult with patients and carers; consider any comments resulting from this consultation and support the practice in responding to them.
To support the practice in drafting practice materials and communications and offer feedback on literature for patients and carers.

Meetings will take place quarterly. Meetings will have an agenda and minutes will be taken .


How To Join The PPG

Please contact the Practice Manager ([email protected]) or any of the members of the Patient Participation Group (below). 

Patients living in villages not represented below would be particularly welcome.

Non-urgent advice: Current members are:

Sue Plant – Richards Castle – 01584 831105

Gilly Lloyd – Yarpole – [email protected]

Diane Lee – Eardisland – 01544387685

Jeanne Wood – Ivington – [email protected]

Christine Moore – Lingen – [email protected]

Pauline Hammond Aymestrey – [email protected]

Christine Cross –Shobdon

Ruth Davies – Pembridge

Kate Best- Orleton

Fiona Harper – Staff representative – [email protected]

The PPG have helped make many changes to the services we offer either as a result of comments patients have made to them or from the annual surveys. These include:

  • re-siting of doorbells for disabled access in Kingsland
  • generic email address for the practice ([email protected])
  • introduction of credit and debit card payments
  • rephrasing questions on payments for prescriptions
  • introduction of online appointments and access to results
  • introduction of information screens

Younger members of the PPG were also instrumental in publicising an on-line petition against the closure of the 4US clinics in Herefordshire schools. Unfortunately this service has now been withdrawn again.

The PPG were also involved in trialing a questionnaire on the work of student doctors for Keele University and showed people around the new Leintwardine Surgery on open days before it opened.